We have a robust and tested process for selling I.P. portfolios and technology and extracting the maximum value.

Our belief is you need to address the entire ecosystem of potential buyers at the same time to increase the chances of obtaining multiple offers and thereby achieving the highest price available on the market at that time.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy. Frequently it means we interact with a hundred or more buyers for a single portfolio. But, not just any set of hundreds: we focus on the most likely and interested buyers. Buyers know that when Quinn Pacific introduces a portfolio to them, it is worth taking a look.

The two benefits of total ecosystem approach:

  1. We always try to apply out of the box thinking and cross market fertilization to portfolios to see if a non-obvious market may pay more than an obvious one.

  2. We leverage our unparalleled relationship network which is unique in the I.P. industry due to our history. Our relationships extend not only to buyers, but to subject matter experts as well.


Process: The Total Ecosystem Approach