Quinn Pacific’s business beginning in the early 1990s focused on repurposing and cross-marketing otherwise unsellable and obsolete high tech components, frequently custom components. As the market developed the majority of components were mobile and display related.

In that guise Quinn Pacific worked with most major electronics companies such as Alcatel, Citizen, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba as well as the majority of the large electronic sub- contractors in Asia. Quinn Pacific was the largest buyer of custom mobile components for eight years straight from IBM’s ThinkPad factories and at times had more than a million of LCDs in the market.

Over time we were asked to create value from other assets in the category “it must be worth something but to whom?”. These assets ranged from brand names to factories.

In 2006 we worked with suppliers to BenQ Mobile/Siemens Mobile who had massive inventories due to the insolvency of BenQ Mobile and we ended up taking millions of partial sets of cell phone components.

Springing off solving the inventory issues the insolvency administrator hired Quinn Pacific to sell the entire Siemens Mobile/BenQ Mobile patent portfolio of over 1700 assets, which we accomplished in the timeframe of 16 weeks. Until Nortel, the Siemens Mobile portfolio was the largest I.P. sale out of a bankruptcy that we know of.

This opportunity led to the company moving from a hard asset selling company to an I.P./intangible asset selling company.

Currently we are working with many of the world’s largest technology companies, as well as myriads of small companies and solo inventors, to monetize their patents.

We believe this history and experience gives us a unique non-adversarial relationship with key buyers and also gives us a different perspective on creating value from technology and IP.


Our Unique Story