Our core area of competence is technology that is used in, enhances or interacts with a phone, tablet or notebook, with a secondary specialization in automotive IP.

  1. Displays and display technology

            Light valves: LCD, OLED, DLP

            3D flat panel or volumetric

            Illumination technology: LED, OLED, Laser

  1. User Interfaces – touch, gestures, proximity, face detection

  2. Semiconductors

  3. Location based services/GPS

  4. Power and Power Management

  5. Cloud/Data Sync

  6. Image, video processing Multi-media

  7. Wireless: NFC,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Automotive

“Infringement Portfolios” and Pure Emerging Technology Portfolios

Roughly half of the portfolios we sell are “infringement portfolios” and half are pure emerging technology. We like both, but the emerging technology portfolio typically has a longer sales cycle.

Out of the Box

We spend 10% of our time doing crazy out of the box sales because we believe that is the only way to find and understand new markets. So sometimes our reaction to one of these portfolios is, as Richard Branson said, “Screw it, let’s do it”.


Technology Sweet Spots & Portfolio Types